AmkaiSolutions prides itself on complete customer satisfaction. Read what our clients are saying about us!

“AmkaiSolutions is a group that’s really dedicated to putting out the best product available.”
Scott Luba, Director of Business Operations — Outpatient Surgery Center of Hilton Head

“The personal service from AmkaiSolutions is impeccable.”
Cheryl Bloode, Director — Memorial Spine & Neuroscience Center

“Our staff appreciated how committed AmkaiSolutions was to working with them to customize the system and add functionality to the EMR that they needed.”
Richard Leaf, EMR Administrator — Blue Valley Hospital

“AmkaiCharts has proven to be all that we were hoping it would be.”
Cassie Seiler, Quality Resource Director — Harmony Surgery Center

“AmkaiCharts is very user-friendly and intuitive. ”
Rebecca Craig, CEO — Harmony Surgery Center

“With AmkaiOffice, data collection is easy and efficient.”
Susan Nance, Administrator — Gateway Surgery Center

“After our clinical staff looked at AmkaiCharts and office staff looked at AmkaiOffice, it was a no-brainer to switch to AmkaiSolutions.”
Steve Henry, Administrator — Surgery Center at Liberty Hospital

“I wouldn’t want to start an ASC with any other EMR than AmkaiCharts.”
Howard Mullins, Administrator/Chief Nursing Officer — Triangle Orthopaedics Surgery Center

“Reporting with AmkaiOffice: love it. The inventory management: love it. Scheduling is beautiful; my schedulers have no problem going in and blocking times for physicians. The billing portion is wonderful. It’s just an easier product for us to use.”
Cheryl Bloode, Director — Memorial Spine & Neuroscience Center

“The difference I’ve seen with AmkaiSolutions is they’re very receptive when we call with questions.”
Toni Schmidt, Administrator — Virtua Summit Surgery Center

“AmkaiSolutions has the most comprehensive systems that encompass everything we do in our ASC.”
Beverly Primeau, Administrator — Concord Ambulatory Surgery Center

“With AmkaiSolutions, we can access anything in the patient’s chart any time we want.”
Ashley Walden, Business Office Manager — Pend Oreille Surgery Center

“Any organization that is not using an EMR will ultimately be spending more money to get inferior results.”
Charlie Immordino, Principal and President/CEO — Ambulatory Surgery Center Consultants

“AmkaiSolutions gives us the ability to benchmark in so many different ways. That’s extremely valuable.”
Sarah Moffat, Business Office Manager — Carolina Center for Specialty Surgery

“AmkaiSolutions always keeps up with all of the new regulatory guidelines.”
Tabitha Vaughn, Administrator — St. Charles Surgery Center

“AmkaiSolutions goes out of their way to accommodate the needs of their partners.”
Brenda Page, Director — Carolina Center for Specialty Surgery

“The customer support is exceptional. On a scale of 1-10, we give them a 12.”
Steve Bowman, Administrator — Mercy Outpatient Surgery Center

“Our software is set up with advanced directives which are asked up front and documented, so all elements required for inspection are effortlessly imbedded in the chart.”
Joan Mckibben, Administrator — Ambulatory Surgery Center of Somerset

“My chart compliance is unbelievable with AmkaiCharts. It’s never below 100%.”
Elena Giardino, Administrator — Oradell Ambulatory Surgery Center

“When you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to miss something. AmkaiCharts give us constant reminders to do everything that needs to be done.”
Linda Newton, Facility Administrator — The Surgery Center at Cranberry

“We can establish correct par levels and decrease inventory because AmkaiSolutions determines exactly what we need based on our preference cards.”
Stacey Ferguson, Clinical Director — Tri-State Surgical Center

“We know we made the right choice with AmkaiSolutions. Our software has a similar feel to our old software, but it’s been enhanced in all the areas we felt were deficient in our old software. It’s also continually improving.”
Scott Luba, Administrator — Outpatient Surgery Center of Hilton Head

“Working in our legacy system felt like trying to move furniture around a room. Implementing AmkaiSolutions has been pivotal to enhance both our clinical and business office efficiency and workflow.”
Debbie Lynch RN, Administrator — Legacy Surgery Center

“Our conversion from our legacy system to AmkaiSolutions has made a world of difference for our operations. AmkaiSolutions is truly for the customer; there is no comparison between our legacy provider and AmkaiSolutions for customer support.”
Denise Kesler, Director — Athens Orthopedic Clinic

“We switched to AmkaiSolutions because of superior customer support and system functionality.”
Dave Ogimachi, Administrator — Monterey Peninsula Surgery Center