Learn How Our Customer Service Solutions Benefit:

Understanding that every facility functions differently, we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to training. System training is offered and provided in a number of ways to fit each facility’s specific needs, including onsite training for physicians, administrators and staff; online assistance; a growing library of video training tools; and year-round webinars covering various software features and regulatory developments.

  • Remote and on-site training is provided by our expert team of implementation consultants and trainers to build confidence and system adoption amongst your staff.
  • A training environment can be provided on your database for staff to practice using the system in a simulated setting.
  • Ongoing training for new features and solution enhancements is provided as needed.

“The ultimate goal of training is the same as the ultimate goal of our company: to make our clients more efficient.”

Wendy Ventresca, Manager, Client Operations, AmkaiSolutions