Enhanced features to meet both your outpatient and inpatient needs at the right price.

More and more of your surgical volume is moving to same-day cases, but some of your more advanced procedures are inpatient, requiring an overnight stay. While only a small fraction of procedures performed at surgical hospitals require overnight stays, your organization is held to the same standards as a traditional acute-care hospital.

Amkai can offer your surgical hospital the tools needed for your unique situation at a fraction of the cost of traditional acute-care EHR systems.

  • AmkaiCharts EMRamkaiCharts ASC Electronic Medical Record Solution is capable of supporting healthcare providers Stage 1 & 2 Meaningful Use certification measures required to qualify for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
  • Electronic patient tracking documents relevant patient and procedure data, including department transfer times to support high quality care delivery.
  • Includes acute-care features such as CPOE, medication administration, medication reconciliation, and ePrescribing.