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Surgical practices can use the same core Amkai software as the ASC. Additional features are provided that meet the requirements of the practice setting. This flexibility means that practices can reduce costs and optimize patient care in the office and share key information with the affiliated ASC.

  • View the ASC’s schedule and request surgical appointments from your home or practice.
  • View billing information, including ICD-9/10 and CPT codes.
  • Configure schedule views to include one or several physicians, block times, booked/pending appointments and open OR times.

amkai-link-logoImprove your front-end operations with AmkaiLink physicians’ portal

  • Save time and frustration by reducing booking times and minimizing phone calls between the ASC and your practice.
  • Improve surgeon communication with remote access to critical surgery center and patient information from any Internet browser.

“AmkaiLink has really helped improve our front-end operations, eliminating 99% of paper booking sheets for six practices representing 11 physicians. The electronic portal improves accuracy and makes for more efficient scheduling of cases.”

Anna Gengel, VP of Operations, Frontier Healthcare