AmkaiCharts EMR and AmkaiOffice provide ASC administrators with tremendous amounts of clinical and financial data. With access to these statistics, an administrator can better perform detailed case costing and analysis, identify historical patterns, and optimize physician schedules and the schedules of rooms, staff, equipment and anesthesia personnel. Additionally, Amkai has been proven to help ASCs increase their operational efficiencies, driving revenue growth and strengthening quality and compliance.

Key benefits include:

  • In-depth cost analysis by individual case and case type, and by contract, supplies or procedure, provides the data needed to leverage contract negotiations with payers.
  • Automatic storage of patient medical records helps make reporting Medicare quality measures and other data quick and easy, helping your ASC avoid payment reductions and other non-compliance penalties.
  • Conflict-checking on the data-field level and transcription validation help ensure all claims processing information is accurate, reducing the likelihood of denied claims.

“With AmkaiSolutions, we can identify the most financially appropriate cases to perform at the center and look at certain insurance providers to decide whether we want to continue to carry that provider.”

Joan Mckibben, Administrator, Ambulatory Surgical Center of Somerset (Bridgewater, NJ)