Amkai Anesthesia

Your anesthesia providers must make quick decisions based on many different data inputs and constantly changing variables to help ensure the patient’s safety during surgery. They need an EMR that presents the patient’s entire medical history in a clear format including H&P, clearances, EKGs, labs and more. They also need a system that will deliver up-to-date physiological data during the procedure. AmkaiCharts Anesthesia module provides the data you need, transforming your current paper anesthesia charting process into a streamlined, worry-free process.

AmkaiCharts’ anesthesia record includes:

  • An intuitive and logical interface with tabs for patient histories, pre-op evaluations and planning, intubation safety, medications, vitals, notes and post-op evaluations.
  • Safety features including mandatory safety equipment checklists and protocols that are built into the system to support high-quality surgical outcomes.
  • Notifications for missing information.
  • Patient monitor integration and near-real-time vitals capture from supported devices that allows for the automatic import of administrated medications and patient physiological data.
  • A configurable anesthesia graph which allows anesthesia providers to easily manipulate the data elements presented to them on the fly.
amkaiCharts ASC Electronic Medical Record Solution

“At first there was a little bit of resistance from our anesthesiologist to use the system because she was so used to paper. But within the first week, she found it to be absolutely amazing. Everyone has a fear of starting something new, but once she got comfortable with the module, she loved it.”

Tabitha Vaughn, Administrator, St. Charles Surgery Center (St. Charles, MO)