Multi-specialty ASCs can accommodate a wide range of specialties, including ENT, pain management, gastroenterology, orthopedics, ophthalmology and more. Therefore, it is necessary that your multi-specialty ASC have an EMR extensive enough to support a wide range of specialties and their procedures while being flexible enough to fit the specific documentation requirements of those procedures and the surgeons performing them.

With AmkaiCharts EMR, your multi-specialty ASC will be able to configure workflow preferences per your facility’s policies and procedures, including consents, orders, work lists, discharge instructions, formulary and more. These configurations can be made as needed without AmkaiSolutions’ intervention, keeping your facility’s documentation processes as efficient as possible.

AmkaiCharts EMR delivers the following tools to your multi-specialty ASC:

  • Enhanced data capture, case costing, budget projections and year-at-a-glance case volume graphics help your ASC determine the appropriate case volume and mix for your facility.
  • Completely configurable case packs allow your facility to streamline documentation for an unlimited number of case types, by procedure, physician or service line.
  • Historical patient data is available indefinitely after entry and automatically defaults into new cases.
  • System easily scales to accommodate new specialties as needed.

“The main advantage of AmkaiCharts is that it can be configured to address the specific needs and operational design of each facility. Clinical documentation and safety notifications can be altered to fit the specific workflow of a particular facility.”

Ryan Crean, Product Manager, AmkaiCharts, AmkaiSolutions

amkaiCharts ASC Electronic Medical Record Solution