AmkaiCharts EMR provides tools to help your nurses accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently, which can improve their productivity and help you provide better patient care. Comprehensive clinical documentation that follows the patient throughout the surgical event helps increase data accuracy and, ultimately, supports patient safety by making sure the latest data is available to help you make informed clinical decisions.

AmkaiCharts EMR provides the following benefits for your ASC’s nursing staff:

  • Clinical notifications for DVT risk, drug interactions, allergies, unsigned consents, deviations from universal protocols and more helps you verify that safety precautions have been taken throughout the surgical encounter.
  • Closed-loop electronic medication reconciliation from your pre-op call to the patient education performed in the recovery bay helps reduce the risk of charting errors during transitions of care.
  • Unlimited nursing care plan templates and preferences can be configured and modified as needed by nurse, physician and procedure to match your ASC’s workflow.
  • Patient tracking features notify your staff of the patient’s current status and any delays, direct physicians to the proper recovery bay for patient follow-up, and include a HIPAA-compliant patient status board for use in waiting areas.

“AmkaiCharts frees up time for our nurses to spend more quality time with the patient, and spend the time more efficiently.”

Tabitha Vaughn, Administrator, St. Charles Surgery Center (St. Charles, MO)