Many EMR solutions include features that may not apply to your case mix or workflow. AmkaiCharts EMR can be configured by you and your team so that it mirrors your current workflow, procedures and protocols providing exactly what you need — no more, no less. Additionally, the intuitive system administration features allow you to make changes to the system as your procedures and protocols change over time.

With AmkaiCharts EMR, your single-specialty facility can:

  • Maximize your facility’s case volume through highly specialized charting workflows that can be configured by procedure and surgeon.
  • Reduce dictation times by providing preconfigured procedure note templates that can be configured on a physician-by-physician basis and added to the medical record with the click of a button.
  • Increase patient satisfaction and reduce preadmission times with online patient portal integration with Simple Admit™ and One Medical Passport™.

“The systems come with the most important features already in place, and can be configured to address our specific needs.”

Timothy Guyne, Administrator, Canyon View Surgery Center
(Grand Junction, CO)

amkaiCharts ASC Electronic Medical Record Solution

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