With rising patient deductibles and co-pays, verifying patient insurance information is more important than ever.

Failure to verify patient insurance information at the time of scheduling and collect funds due at the time of service can result in significant receivables work after service is provided.

With AmkaiOffice’s electronic insurance eligibility verification interface, you can request patient insurance eligibility information by sending an electronic request to a clearinghouse and receiving an electronic response to update a patient’s verification record. ASCs also can validate a patient’s coverage when they check in on the day of service, so the out-of-pocket amount the patient owes is adjusted in near real-time.

AmkaiOffice ASC-focused business and management solutionsElectronic Insurance Eligibility Verification from AmkaiOffice can help your ASC:

  • Reduce the need for ASCs to verify a patient’s coverage over the phone.
  • Improve efficiency through the sending of multiple verification requests simultaneously.
  • Help increase cash flow by easily tracking and collecting payments.