Collecting pre-admission data is crucial to ensuring a successful procedure and patient satisfaction at your ASC.

However, gathering this information is not always easy. It often requires extensive paperwork, lengthy phone interviews, faxing, printing and postage, leading to inefficiencies in care and increased cost to the facility.

AmkaiCharts offers an interface that allows facilities to import pre-admission data directly from patient portals provided by Amkai partners Simple Admit™ and One Medical Passport™. After reviewing pre-admission data in the patient portal, nurses can import information — including drug and non-drug allergies, questionnaires, procedures, diagnoses and home medications — with just a single click of the mouse.

AmkaiCharts patient portal integration can help your ASC achieve:

  • Higher patient satisfaction: Patient portals are a clear catalyst for empowerment, providing patients with the option to choose when and where they share their medical history.
  • Increased efficiency: Pre-admission phone calls are much shorter, and labor can be used more effectively.
  • Increased information accuracy: More accurate information can be obtained when patients have the ability to provide and review information about their records and medications online,1 at their convenience, rather than via a phone interview. Additionally, since information on a patient’s history is stored in the online portal, upon review, it is automatically filled in on all necessary forms at the surgery center. This not only saves time but also helps reduce the risk of human error.

1 Wall Street Journal, “More Healthcare Providers Are Encouraging Patients to Peek Inside Their Medical Records,” June 2014