Maximizing profitability at your ASC requires many tools. One of the most important is management software that delivers flexibility in handling payments, detailed data capture for reports and analyses, and ease of use so that data is consistently recorded. AmkaiOffice provides comprehensive functionality for patient billing, ledger, insurance maintenance and other financial functions.

AmkaiOffice delivers the following financial management features to your ASC:

  • A single-screen, easy-to-use Patient Ledger enables fast access to and entry of all patient account information, including charges, payments, write-offs, transfers and overall financial account maintenance.
  • Automatic finance features like the Fee Schedule Update tool where you can set effective dates for new procedure rates, keep a history of rate changes and send messages to your staff when new rates go into effect.
  • Easy addition of billable supplies and implants to the patient’s financial record.

“With AmkaiOffice, you know that when you want to analyze the data you have put into the system, the information that comes out of that analysis will be useful and will actually help you to improve your operations.”

Susan Nance, RN, CASC, Administrator, Gateway Surgery Center (Phoenix, AZ.)