Reporting requirements are increasing substantially for ASCs for both internal and external purposes. AmkaiOffice comes standard with over 300 reports for deep insights into your ASC’s operations. The system also provides your ASC with the tools to create custom reports without vendor assistance.

Reporting with AmkaiOffice enables your ASC to:

  • Generate case costing reports for in-depth cost analysis by individual case/case type, and by contract, supplies or procedure, helping you make informed decisions about your facility’s case mix.
  • Easily pull data from the system to submit reports for accreditation, state and CMS surveys.
  • Create reports that are specific to your ASC’s specific needs and workflow, and establish internal benchmarks for performance with the AmkaiOffice ad-hoc report writer.

“With AmkaiOffice, users can pull information fields from financial management, demographics, CDM, etc., and build a report that is tailored to their facility’s reporting needs, rather than relying on a ‘canned’ report.”

Richard MacCatherine, Project Manager, Amkai Office, AmkaiSolutions

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